Rewarded Experiences

In today’s extremely tight labor market, it is more critical than ever to show employees appreciation for their commitment to your company. To stand out as an employer of choice, companies need to be creative in their approach to employee benefits and rewards. No one wants the anniversary pens or plaques any more, and we’d ask, did they ever?

We are not limited to just companies; if individuals are planning a friends’ or partner’s getaway, an experience-based date, or want to gift an experience to someone, we do that too!

Truly Rewarding

Rewarded Experiences believes the way to truly reward a workforce is not simply a matter of paying them more. Employees, especially the younger generation, want to feel recognized and heard. They want to feel special and unique. And they want to be able to post about it on Instagram! Experiential rewards are the only benefit we’ve found that can check all these boxes.

Celebrate Milestones

Want to celebrate someone hitting a milestone? Let them decide what experience is the most fitting for them. They could take a partner on a helicopter ride over the city, complemented by a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. They could race a supercar around a world-class racetrack. Or perhaps something more relaxing – a pampered visit to the spa with a partner?

At Rewarded Experiences, our mission is to WOW employees by creating a set of curated experiences that can be gifted to and customized for the individual while adhering to and reflecting the company’s mission and values. Thus far we’ve achieved a lot of WOWs, with 100% of our customers preferring these gifts over an equivalent cash bonus.

Customizable Curated Experiences

“Nice work on these, you captured our voice quite well”

Culinary Journey

You and one guest are invited to attend a Private Virtual Cooking Class to learn amazing plant-based creations from experts in the field.

Thrill Seeker

Choose 1 of 9 Supercars to experience 3-4 laps on a world-class racetrack with a professional instructor.

Wanna fly?

In-door flights for up to 4 people, including all the gear, training, and instruction you will need for a great time.

Why Rewarded Experiences?

“I feel so swanky right now! Thanks for making this truly magical!!”

Customer service like no other

No upfront deposit required of the employer

People want experiences over material things

Because in this labor market you can’t afford to lose employees

Because you want your employees talking about how great of an employer you are

Experiences personalized to the recipient

This is a benefit your competitors don’t offer

Customizable Curated Experiences

“Thank you, Tanya, for making this the best trip ever for us!”

"Holy smokes, when we wanted to take our team member appreciation to the next level, Tanya and Rewarded Experiences took us on a magic carpet ride of employees'-minds-blown-awesomeness. Tanya is creative, detailed oriented and thorough, helping to create that special something each and every time."

Matt de Gruyter CEO & Co-Founder Next Level Burger