About Me

Rewarded Experiences is based in Central Oregon but curates experiences nationwide. The company was founded by Tanya Buchanan as a way to blend her passions of caring for people, planning, and organizing. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and friends outdoors, finding and cooking new healthy recipes, traveling, entertaining, practicing yoga, and planning adventures. With a background in School Social Work and Clinical Social Work, caring about people has always been at the core of what Tanya does. Rewarded Experiences is the perfect embodiment of what Tanya enjoys most— making people happy and helping them feel special. In the years to come, she looks forward to the opportunity to achieve this on an increasingly large scale, with a goal of touching thousands of people’s lives in a positive way in the years to come.

"I can't think of 1 thing that would've made it better. Tanya handled everything for us, all we had to do is check in and out. We had an amazing time!"

Customizable Curated Experiences

“We had an amazing trip! Cannot thank you enough!”