We offer customizable curated experiences to fit and reflect each individual or company’s mission & values. These experiences have been gifted to their employees on their anniversary dates or other agreed-upon milestones. In addition to companies, we can plan high-end experience-based dates or arrange a friends’ or partner’s experiential getaway. Below are overviews of some experiences we have curated for a nationwide plant-based restaurant chain:

Customizable Curated Experiences

“Thanks for helping to make this a reality for our company! This is very cool!!!!”

Culinary Journey

  • Learn amazing plant-based creations from experts in the field.
  • You and one guest are invited to attend a two hour Private Virtual Cooking Class.
  • Wine pairing suggestions from a wine expert (if applicable).

Thrill Seeker

  • Choose 1 of 9 Supercars to experience 3-4 laps on a world-class racetrack, a safety training class, a professional instructor with you during your experience, a racing helmet to use, and access to the pit area.

Beer Lovers

  • Rewarded Experiences will work with you to find the perfect beer subscription or a virtual tasting with a beer expert.
  • Gourmet snacks included.

Cocktail anyone?

  • You and one guest are invited to attend a 1-hour Private Virtual Cocktail Making Experience.

Sustainable Gardener

  • Classes from experts on Gardening or Composting as well as a hand-picked book related to gardening or composting.
  • A Composting Starter Kit.
  • A multi-month subscription to eco-friendly bouquets.

Wanna fly?

  • In-door flights for up to 4 people which may include: flight gear, pre-flight training, 1:1 flight.

Calling All Wine Lovers

  • Virtual class with a Wine Expert.
  • Wine Sampling Club -12 bottles of your chosen wine type: white, red, mixed, rose, and sparkling to be sent to your home.

The Sky's The Limit

  • Choose from a Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon Flight or Pilot Lesson.

Date Night Elevated

  • Romantic Date Helicopter Tour.
  • Champagne and flowers may be included.

Spa Getaway

  • Day at the spa to pamper yourself.
  • You can have the day to yourself or share the experience with someone.


  • One night stay at an upscale hotel.
  • Restaurant recommendations included.

Members Only

  • This package will allow you to choose several 1 -year membership(s) and/or passes to museums, amusement parks, State, National & Forest Park Passes for the city of choice.

Spiritual Package

  • Choose a reading of your choice (Tarot, Psychic Medium, Soul Path, or Akashic Records).
  • Affirmation Deck

Sports Fanatic

  • Tickets to a sporting event of your choice.

Book Worm

  • Your choice of: 2 -year membership to Audible, a New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with two years Unlimited Kindle or equal value in books.
  • Choose a monthly/bi-monthly subscription of tea or coffee.

Why Rewarded Experiences?

“The news from last week has been electric in the organization; I’m excited to see what happens when our teams start going on these epic experiences you’ve crafted.”

Customer service like no other

No upfront deposit required of the employer

People want experiences over material things

Because in this labor market you can’t afford to lose employees

Because you want your employees talking about how great of an employer you are

Experiences personalized to the recipient

This is a benefit your competitors don’t offer

Customizable Curated Experiences

“You got it, T; again, thank you for your attention to detail. This initiative has been awesome, and you’ve played such an integral role.”

"Awesome! Thanks, Tanya, I very much appreciate your work on this and the persistence to get it booked at all 😉 Big thank you for all of your help in getting us set up. I cannot express how grateful I am! "